• Purchasing, selling and renting real estate.
  • We accept orders for the search for real estate that is on offer or for rent.

  • We intercede while selling or renting real estate.

  • We assist in entering into a tentative purchase-sale agreement of the object intended to buy with the seller.

  • Given statutory conditions, we assist in preparing documents necessary for court, represent our client in the court for the issue of court permission necessary for transaction of purchase-sale of real estate, and provide consultations.

  • We intercede in evaluating real estate and movable property.

  • We give consultations concerning all matters of real estate.

  • We give consultations concerning the matters of investments.

  • We assist while investing into real estate.

  • We handle documentation concerning real estate.

  • We assist while obtaining detailed certificates from the state institution Register Centre necessary for the transaction.

Our employees will help you to purchase, sell, let or rent any kind of real estate under the most beneficial conditions, to borrow or invest into real estate under the most beneficial conditions.

You will find us:
Ligoninės avenue 7, Klaipeda
Mob.: +370 671 92669


+370 676 37450